6 Basic Skills Required For Career In Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing simply understand’s for “business promotion on internet that is also called digital promotion”.If you are from engineering background or totally different qualification background required for digital marketing then it doesn’t mean you can’t have career in digital marketing. This post can help you to know the basic skills required in digital marketing.Social media marketing (SMM), Search engine marketing (SEM), Search engine optimization (SEO) all are the pillars of digital marketing which has change the face of online advertisement and online business promotion. So question is that how you can have career in digital marketing like me. Scroll down the article and find all the necessary thing you should know before getting into digital marketing.

Skills required to get started in digital marketing:

1. Knowledge of Internet & Google:

Well, here I am not going to teach you what is internet but letting you know what internet is for business. We are in the phase where more than 50% business’s are being promoted on internet using different medium/channels. Search engines like Google and social media sites like Facebook is the definition of online promotion nowadays. So, Google is not just about finding something on internet it’s also the way to market it for which you are on Google. Google AdWords and Google AdSense is the mode of advertisement on Google. If you are on internet then more than 60% change is you are on Google. So before started in digital media know about internet specially about Google and its role in online business promotion.

2. Basic knowledge of web development:

Without knowing the importance of website in digital marketing you can’t grow in this field. Because all the online promotion techniques like SEO, SMO, SEM, PPC etc is all around the website of the business which represent the virtual body of the business someone wants to promote on internet. If you are an engineer then must be aware of CS coding language like HTML, PHP, CSS and all these thing haves extensive use in web development. Don’t worry you don’t have to code just be aware of these computer language terms.

3. WordPress:

As I explain in point above basic knowledge of web development is mandatory in digital marketing and WordPress will be the base for it. Now a days more than 40% of website on internet has been build on WordPress which is in  the field of content delivery or business promotion. So try to learn WordPress before getting into DM. You don’t need any coding language to learn WordPress web development, WordPress is all about themes, plugins and its customization.

4. Social media sites & its uses:

Websites like Facebook, twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn is not just about posting something interesting or sharing your feelings. It can also help you to grow your business in very efficient way according to your budget. So, get to know about role of social media sites in online promotion.

5. Communication & Content Writing:

Communication and representing idea’s on internet also played a vital role in digital marketing. Your verbal communication will directly reflect your writing skills. So, communication should be great to find a stable and growing career in social media marketing or internet marketing.

6. Creativity, Data research and Analysis:

If you have vast and innovating knowledge of research and analysis work with reporting on internet then it can add plus point in your growth in digital marketing and you will able to learn and do things faster than other because on internet things got changes very frequently. Sometimes your creative idea’s can give a great push to your organization or your personal work, so always be creative in all the manners you can.

Final words: Nothing is impossible and labor never goes in vain. So do your best and keep going!

A Helpful Video On Digital Marketing Skills:

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