Does Exam Result Matter's a lot for success in Life?

Here I am writing a fact as an engineer after JEE Mains result 2017

Dear JEE Mains 2017 appeared candidates please read this post carefully and go ahead in your life because result has been declared-

Today society will judge you on the basis of something that won’t even matter 4-5 years from now. You gave Jee mains 2017 and got poor result, but guess what, it’s completely fine. I have completed engineering from random college. I was an average student and got 68% around. I have a friend who is school topper and got 88% around in college also and guess what – college topper is preparing very hard for SSC & Bank jobs and I am doing my best and worthy as per my interest.

These marks don’t define your intelligence or decide who is better than whom. You gave your best but your destiny is something greater, getting into IIT or NIT is not the only thing. There are so many good colleges, even I studied from a college where maximum of students was in dilemma for stable future, so I am a failure ?, No, lol. My parents are proud of me and I am a very happy engineer. There are so many amazing things you can do apart from getting into IITs or NITs.

Engineering is amazing and you are the best. Whatever the result is, do not give up. I you wanna talk about it message us, we are here only.

There so many career options and so many ways you can be successful in life, So many ways. Please think about it and start a new chapter of your life and don’t be sad or feel you can’t do anything just coz your jee mains marks sucks.

Quick Fact :- I got 32 marks in AIEEE 2009 😛 and later I realised it doesn’t matter. I am enjoying everything that you think an IITian or NITian only get.

Do not do something stupid. Remember your parents love you, we love you.

Best wishes for the upcoming life!